Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacay Recap

You know your vacation was super relaxing when the only picture you took was of this:

After all of the heinous weather we've been having in Boston, we were actually blessed with four gorgeous days of sunshine... enough for me to even get a little color! That color may have been pink at first, but now it's fading into a nice brown base tan. Hopefully the rain ends soon so that I can keep it up!

In addition to my little familia, my parents' good friends the DeSmets were also in Sandwich -- just two doors down on the beach. It's weird when kids you used to babysit turn into sophomores and juniors in college. They are at least learning things though, as evidenced by the only other item on my camera, which is now posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure:

We all decided that night that it was our mission to make Andy famous. So we posted this on YouTube. You should tell all your friends, so that he can have more than 41 views! Do it. It'll make a growing boy happy. 

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