Saturday, December 4, 2010

Project 365: 117/365

Last month, Amy hosted a bunch of us at her house for a girl's night, where we sampled "Fox-a-ritas" and gorged on guac and salsa. I offered to host a holiday-themed girl's night, complete with spiced cider and a Christmas Cookie decorating contest.

Our reluctant judge, Jamie, with the three finalists.

Caitlin, the big winner with her prize - "A Christmas Story" mug!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Project 365: 116/365

Mom's been wanting me to get a picture of myself in front of the "BU Sign" for her Christmas card. Problem is, BU has such an urban campus, there isn't really a sign per se. There's a big granite monstrosity in the center of Commonwealth Ave., however, so that had to do.

I sprinted across 4 lanes to get to this location, and then Jackie (who was wedged between two parked cars) would snap 3-4 pictures every time there was a break in traffic. At a few points (when I was sitting on top of the sign, mostly) I got some honks as well. What's more, it was about 30 degrees outside - and that granite was cold!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Project 365: 119/365

Frequently we see really ridiculously expensive cars parked outside of SMG - the kind you'd see on Top Gear.

However, for the last two days, we've seen this parked outside:
Meg & Fillbelly's

I can't decide if I want it to actually be a chicken and waffles truck, or if I'd feel better if it was some sort of FBI/CIA surveillance van. Wow, I watch too much TV!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Project 365: 114/365

Today I thought I'd share with you something I see every day.

This is the globe-like statue inside SMG. Not my best effort today, I know, but it's finals after all!