Monday, June 27, 2011

Vacay Recap

You know your vacation was super relaxing when the only picture you took was of this:

After all of the heinous weather we've been having in Boston, we were actually blessed with four gorgeous days of sunshine... enough for me to even get a little color! That color may have been pink at first, but now it's fading into a nice brown base tan. Hopefully the rain ends soon so that I can keep it up!

In addition to my little familia, my parents' good friends the DeSmets were also in Sandwich -- just two doors down on the beach. It's weird when kids you used to babysit turn into sophomores and juniors in college. They are at least learning things though, as evidenced by the only other item on my camera, which is now posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure:

We all decided that night that it was our mission to make Andy famous. So we posted this on YouTube. You should tell all your friends, so that he can have more than 41 views! Do it. It'll make a growing boy happy. 

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Cape Cod!

Let's just say... we've been in Cape Cod less than 12 hours, and it's already off to a good start.

It's weird when kids that you used to babysit turn into men-children.... but at least you can make fun videos out of it.

Andy-man (all grown up, tear!), tells us of the evils lurking on our produce drawer in this video that we made tonight: What I Learned in College. My darling mother, Becky, has a vital supporting role as the "lovely assistant." Her exclusive quote: "you don't need to stay in Boston with your MBA friends to have a good time!"

Enjoy, friends. More pics later.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Birthday to Me

Last week marked my 27th birthday... damn that feels old! But I've decided that I can still claim "mid-20s" for at least one more year...

Given that the semester ended in early May, I was a little afraid that I'd feel a bit like the kid in Elementary School with a July birthday, who never had a party because all the kids were on vacation. Or something like that. But I was convinced to have a celebration at Howl at the Moon, and was really overwhelmed by all of the people that came out... as well as how great all of the photos came out!

Jenn and Jim. Officially two of the most photogenic people I know!

Prom photo! Totally unintentional, btw.

Joel, me, and Jim. I'd like to point out that I am wearing 4" heels in this photo.

Ben and Drew and a drink in a bucket.

Me, Steph and Leela.

Jenn, Me and Steph.

Apparently a drink in a bucket is...

Jimbo and me. So sad he's leaving for Brazil for the WHOLE summer!


Probably the worst photo ever of Parker and myself. 

This is what Amy thought of our photo. 

Speaking of Amy and Parker... these two photos are too funny not to share. 

Thanks to everyone who came out and made this very non-milestone birthday very special!

Sunday, June 5, 2011


So guess what I did last week?

It's official now, so I can shout it from the rooftops... I'm moving! Fulfilling a dream I've had for a while now... I'm finally moving into my own place. All mine.

A friend of a friend is a realtor, and we'd spoken a while back about what I was looking for in a place, and where. There was really nothing available on the market for a long while... and then she emailed me on Memorial Day and said that a couple of listings had come up and we needed to view ASAP. On my lunch hour Tuesday, we went and looked at a bunch of apartments... and one was too good to be true. So I applied.

The didn't like that I was a student. They didn't like that my only available cosignors were in California.

But I got it! And to quote one of my favorite movies - It's All Happening!

And I move July 15...

More to come later, including pictures. This might temporarily turn into an interior design blog... but it's better than an empty blog!